Mountain Air Dance was founded in 2009 by Cathy Stone Werner. Cathy strives to bring aerial dance to dancers and non-dancers alike through classes, workshops, and performances. Cathy has a vision of bringing people together through the shared experience of flight.

What is Aerial Dance?

Aerial dance is a sub-genre of modern dance that has been evolving and growing in the United States since the 1970’s. Aerial dance choreography incorporates an apparatus often attached to the ceiling, giving dancers the freedom to explore the space in three dimensions.

At Mountain Air Dance we focus on low-flying trapeze and aerial fabric to get students off the ground. The trapeze has a single attachment point to the ceiling which lets you swing in a straight line, spin, and fly in a circle. Low-flying trapeze, or dance trapeze, is hung about 5 ft. off the floor which allows students to connect the ground to the sky. The trapeze essentially becomes your dance partner, influencing your movement and lifting you off the ground.

Aerial fabric, or silks, can be hung in different ways to allow students to learn a variety of skills including aerial yoga. Aerial yoga uses the fabric hung in a hammock to support the body in traditional yoga poses on and off the floor. This allows for inversion without spinal compression and helps beginners ease into deep stretches.

Come experience the

thrill of flight!


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Classes are currently held at The Emerson Center for the Arts in Bozeman, MT

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